Italian Desk

Italy is a valued business partner of many Polish companies. Italian goods and services are synonymous with high quality and attention to detail. It also works the other way round – companies from Poland, thanks to their attractive offer and the ability to build relationships, are an interesting partner for companies from Italy.

Are you the owner of a Polish company and plan to enter the Italian market? Or maybe you run a business in Italy and need support in expanding into the Polish market? Our expert in the field of Polish-Italian business, partner at Magda Korol, will help you do it safely and legally.

The law firm’s specialists communicate fluently in Italian. As a result, contact with contractors is smooth and undisturbed by communication errors.

Italian desk includes:

  • Comprehensive service for Italian companies in Poland and Polish companies in Italy.
  • Support in cross-border disputes.
  • Support in establishing and maintaining relationships with contractors from Italy in their native language.