Marketing and advertising law

Almost no industry can do without marketing and good advertising. For this reason, there could not lack a specialization dedicated to marketing activities and advertising in Creativa.

As a Law Firm we support marketing agencies or marketing departments of companies in their current activities as well as the Clients of these agencies.

Doing business with marketing and advertising partnerships often involve working with a number of different parties whose responsibilities must be clearly defined and then enforced.

In marketing/advertising cooperation time is the essence and therefore a lawyer is also expected to have good knowledge of the specifics of this sector, understand the client’s needs, have a quick response time and be responsiveness.

How can we help you?

  • we will prepare for you specialized two-sided and multilateral contracts and take care of the solutions beneficial to you (contracts with the client, with the agency, with the influencer/celebrity, the creator, the graphic designer);
  • we will take care of the proper regulation of intellectual property rights and protection of image in the online and offline activities conducted or dedicated to you;
  • we will ensure the correctness of your competition and promotional actions;
  • we will examine marketing and advertising content prepared by you or for you for compliance with the law (in particular, for acts of unfair competition or unauthorized advertising);
  • we will assess the compatibility of activities conducted by or for you on social media, with respect to the content and materials posted therein;
  • we will help you implement the Personal Data Protection Regulations (RODO) for your business.


Our goal
is your peace of mind.

Magdalena Korol

An attorney and partner at Creativa, as well as the President of the Institute of Fashion Law, a businesswoman and mentor.

Arkadiusz Szczudło

An attorney and partner at Creativa, as well as Vice-President of the Institute of Fashion Law, and businessman, mentor and online creator.