Investment agreements

Investments are inextricably linked to serious commitments – both for investors and the companies receiving the grant. We understand this and that is why we support our clients at every stage of concluding such contracts.

We are involved in the preparation of complete transaction documentation – both an investment agreement, shareholder agreements, amendments to company agreements, and documentation of the necessary security. We are present throughout the investment process. We prepare the NDA, verify the Termsheet, and help you safely go through the due diligence process and negotiate individual provisions of the investment agreement and company agreement. We are available until the transaction is completed and post-transaction documentation is prepared.

We help our clients in investment processes, taking care of transaction security and legal issues. We provide support at every stage of the transaction.

How can we help you?

  • we will prepare investment agreements and letters of intent, including a term-sheet, in your transactions;
  • we will conduct legal due diligence of companies participating in the investment;
  • we will prepare all the necessary exit agreement documents;
  • we will provide you with ongoing legal advice in the field of investment policy;
  • we will also support you after the transaction is completed.


Our goal
is your peace of mind.