E-commerce and online business

We know how important it is for every entrepreneur to have an online presence. That is why we offer our clients legal services in the area of e-commerce and broadly understood online business.

We help entrepreneurs selling products or services online in a transparent, customer-friendly and lawful manner. We prepare all the documents necessary for the functioning of online stores, websites or applications – in terms of their compliance with consumer law, the right to provide electronic services as well as copyright and personal data protection. We develop, among others regulations, privacy policies and cookies.

We also understand how important relationships are in business. As part of our services, we also help entrepreneurs in creating the so-called “Good practices” (for themselves or for Customer Service Offices). These are clearly defined rules and procedures for returns and complaints. We also legally support clients in communication with consumers, including in the scope of assessing the legitimacy of submitted complaints – both at the pre-trial stage and in possible court proceedings.

We also support our clients in their marketing activities, taking care of all the issues that entrepreneurs often do not remember. We prepare, among others lawful regulations of contests and newsletters.

How can we help you?

  • we will conduct a legal audit of your store/website/mobile app and present appropriate recommendations;
  • we will draw up the regulations of the online store or the provision of electronic services and other necessary documents;
  • we will prepare specialized contracts for the provision of electronic services;
  • we will legally support your marketing and advertising activities – we will prepare for you the rules of the competition, a lawful newsletter and all other documents that your business may need;
  • we will create for you so called “good practices” concerning returns and complaints;
  • we will help you implement the provisions on the protection of personal data (GDPR);
  • we will analyze the legitimacy of complaints and complaints submitted by consumers and support you in communication with customers, both in pre-litigation and in court.


Our goal
is your peace of mind.