Design law and the furniture industry

Both the design industry and the furniture sector constantly offer room for unlimited development and many creative activities, at the same time they are full of legal challenges that should not be ignored. Undoubtedly, creative and imaginative business requires reliable and multi-faceted legal support.

We support our Clients operating in the design industry in the broad sense of the word. We help ensure brand legal protection in all matters relating to online and offline activity. We provide assistance in the area of widely defined business law, intellectual property law, as well as support in relations with contractors, business partners and customers. We advise on developing appropriate e-commerce regulations, personal data protection policies, returns and complaints rules, and on organising advertising campaigns in accordance with the law. We also assist in negotiations with business partners and the drafting of all necessary contracts.

We are not only lawyers for the creative industry but also enthusiasts of design, who appreciate working with creators and artists, and most importantly, who understand its specificity. Working with us is a guarantee of clear communication and comprehension of business and image goals set by the brand.

How can we help you?

  • • we will develop for you a complete strategy for the protection of your brand and products and help you implement it;
  • • we will register your trademark and industrial design and help you obtain financing for the registration;
  • • we will prepare the agreements necessary to cooperate with the people involved in the development of your brand – subcontractors, suppliers, graphic artists, designers or influencers;
  • • we will help you introduce necessary regulations to your online business;
  • • we will provide you with ongoing legal counselling on issues related to running your business in the following areas: corporate law, intellectual property law, advertising and marketing law, labour law, acts of unfair competition and consumer law;
  • • we will support you in running online sales in compliance with the law – we will prepare, among other things, shop regulations and the so-called “good practices” concerning returns and complaints;
  • • we will analyse for you the legitimacy of complaints and claims submitted by consumers;
  • • we will help you implement personal data protection regulations in your business (GDPR);
  • • we will ensure that your unique designs are protected against copying and unauthorised use;
  • • we will support you in communicating with your customers, both pre-judicially and in court;
  • • we will represent you in disputes with customers and competitors, both amicably and in the course of possible court proceedings.


Our goal
is your peace of mind.