Creative and advertising agencies

Nowadays, it is impossible to function without marketing and good advertising in most industries. Due to the dynamic development, creative and marketing agencies must make sure that they operate in accordance with the law. Our Law Firm has many years of experience in the field of advertising in its broadest sense.

We support marketers, freelancers, marketing departments of companies, marketing agencies as well as their clients. We perfectly understand and have a feel for the specifics of the industry – as a Law Firm, we ourselves are very active in marketing and are constantly developing in this area. We do know how to communicate with marketers, we know their way of working and their needs.

Furthermore, we understand that cooperation in the field of advertising often means working with many different entities, whose responsibilities must be clearly defined and then enforced. That is why our Clients can count on our assistance at every stage, especially when ASAP action is required . We are aware that in marketing this is simply an everyday occurrence and quick reaction together with high responsiveness is definitely more expected in this industry than anywhere else.

How can we help you?

  • we will prepare for you specialised bilateral and multilateral agreements and make sure they contain solutions that are beneficial for you (agreements with the clients, agencies, influencers/celebrities, creators, graphic designers);
  • we will take care of the proper regulation of intellectual property rights and image rights in the online and offline activities carried out or dedicated to you;
  • we will ensure that your competitions and promotional actions are carried out in a proper manner;
  • • we will assess the lawfulness of marketing and advertising content prepared by you or for you (in particular, with respect to acts of unfair competition or unauthorised advertising);
  • o• we will assess the lawfulness of activities carried out by you or on your behalf in social media in respect of content and materials posted there;
  • we will help you implement personal data protection regulations in the scope of your activity (GDPR).


Our goal
is your peace of mind.