Blockchain and tokenisation

Blockchain technology is rapidly gaining popularity. More and more entities operating in the market use it to implement their own ideas and business objectives. If you believe that the time has come for your company to also take an interest in the benefits of Blockchain – we will be happy to assist you!

Our experts have the necessary knowledge and experience in all aspects of Blockchain technology or token/coin issuance ( tokenisation). We help our Clients to maximise the benefits of these solutions and minimise the risks related to such areas as tax, financial supervision, provision of electronic services or personal data protection and more.

The partner of Creativa, Arkadiusz Szczudło, served as Secretary in the Court of Arbitration at the Chamber of Commerce of Blockchain and New Technologies between 2018 and 2021. As a law firm, we are the exclusive legal partner of the Association of Blockchain Experts in Warsaw.

How can we help you?

  • we will advise how to implement Blockchain technology in your business legally;
  • • we will provide you with assistance in preparing the token/coin issue in legal and tax terms (according to Polish, European, British, Estonian and other laws);
  • we will analyse the lawfulness of the token/coin sale you wish to carry out;
  • we will help you enrich your business with marketing and personal token services;
  • we will implement the necessary solutions for the provision of electronic services, or RODO,
  • we will prepare the necessary documentation so that you can legally use the tokens, coins or widely understood Blockchain technology;
  • we will represent you before the financial supervisory authorities, including within the Innovation Hub;
  • we will help you with the registration and operation of a Small or National Payment Institution.


Our goal
is your peace of mind.